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Louis Raphaël I Sako will leave behind a belligerent and divisive legacy!

Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako has been a controversial figure within the Chaldean Catholic corridors of power.


Baghdad, Iraq — Louis Raphaël I Sako's appointment as primate of the 'Chaldean' Catholic Church in 2013 was welcomed with a tidal wave of optimism and hope to heal the wounds of Iraq's beleaguered Christian minority. His charismatic speeches and extravagant promises captured the imagination of Iraq's Christians whom since 2003 have travelled through time and overcome the greatest of adversities.

Patriarch Sako's greatest disappointment, however, was his failure in honouring his commitment “without unity, there is no future for us". Sako eloquently spoke of unification and a common political destiny between the Assyrian Chaldean components of Iraq, but in practise he was demeaning, patronising, condescending and unwilling to compromise.

Patriarch Sako will leave behind a belligerent and divisive legacy. History will remember him for what …

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