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Chaldean Identity الهوية الكلدانية

Further reading: Who are the Chaldeans? (English | Arabic), Chaldean or Assyrian Catholics? (English | Arabic)

Evolution of the "Chaldean" Identity

Disclaimer: The following sources presented within this page have been analysed with great care and were acquired from public/ private collections from a number of world-renowned institutions.
Abbreviations: BCE: Before Common Era CE: Common Era


1 CE -1200 CE
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1359 CE
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1445 CE
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1552 CE
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1562 CE "Patriarch of the Eastern Assyrians at the Sacred Ecumenical Council of Trent. Approval, and profession, and letters of Cardinal Marco Antonio Da Mula, ambassador to the Holy Council of Trent. 1562." - Abdisu IV Maron and Cardinal Marco Antonio Da Mula, R.D. Patriarchae Orientalium Assyriorum De Sacro Oecumenico Tridentini Concilio, 1562
1585 CE "Concerning the Patriarch of the Eastern Church of the Assyrians. The Patriarch of the Assyrians swears obedience to the Roman Pontiff, espec…

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