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Why are “Chaldean” Catholic Patriarchs “of Babylon”? لماذا يسمى البطاركة الكلدان بطاركة "بابل"?

When the Roman Catholic branch of the so-called Nestorian Church or Church of the East was established in the seventeenth century, its new primate was styled the Patriarch "of Babylon". This dignified title was used by earlier Patriarchs adhering to the Church of the East when they flourished at Seleucia-Ctesiphon prior to the advent of Islam. Some scholars have even suggested that the use "of Babylon" in the title of the Uniat Patriarch is due to the erroneous seventeenth-century identification of modern Baghdad with ancient Babylon. Be that as it may, it was due to the geographical location of their patriarchate, and not because of their ethnic origin, that the Nestorians afterwards received the exotic combination "of the Chaldeans".1 2 These nomenclatures were "hardly ever used" by the Nestorian patriarchs or their people themselves. They employed familiar and traditional titles as "Patriarch of the Orient," "Patriarch of…

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